[Calgary]Dental Lab|Sales Representative|근무방식Fulltime|시급협의결정|팁추후결정|방향Downtown|

지역 : Calgary

지역 내 위치 : Downtown

상세주소 : 비공개

근무방식 : Fulltime

급료 : 시급 협의결정

팁 여부 : 추후결정

연락처 : astrodental@shaw.ca


Astro Dental Art 캘거리 덴탈랩에서 영업사원 (Full-time) 구인합니다. 아래 내용 참고하시고 astrodental@shaw.ca 이메일로 이력서 첨부하여 지원해 주시면, 리뷰 후에 인터뷰 해당되는 지원자 분들께 연락 드리겠습니다.



Sales Representative – Dental Lab
Astro Dental Art – Calgary, AB

Looking for an upbeat and positive self-starter to fill a sales position for dental lab. This job will require you to mostly be on the road.

Astro Dental Art has been constantly growing in the dental lab industry for over 10 years, founded and located in Calgary, AB, Canada. As a full-service laboratory, Astro Dental Art provides customized dental products and services to patients through dentists and dental clinics for ever challenging prosthetic needs and restorations.

Job Type:

  • Full-time
  • Salary/commissions/benefits will be negotiable based on experience

Job Summary:

  • Directly solicits dental offices in-person to generate new business in assigned geographic territory. (mostly travel within Alberta)
  • Executes Company’s sales & marketing plan, may include phone calls, visiting dental offices, collects and reports feedbacks from customers
  • Seeks information in order to sell, manage, and understand the needs and expectations of customers
  • Set up meetings between Drs. and the Lab Director
  • Develops and maintains through knowledge of Company products, materials, manufacturing procedures, prices, sales, and promotions; continuously updates knowledge as necessary.
  • Maintains relationships with customers by keeping in touch and providing services
  • Customer service, including communication, relationship management, problem solving
  • Reports to Sales Manager with creating weekly/monthly sales plan and reports
  • Performs other related duties and projects as business needs require at direction of management, including backing up for pick-up and delivery of dental cases occasionally

Experience and Education Requirements:

  • Diploma from Canada/US Institutions, preferably regarding Dental or Business related
  • Minimum of one (1) year of experience in Sales and Customer services
  • Dental industry experience would be an asset

Special Requirement

  • Legally eligible to work in Canada
  • Valid driver’s license and acceptable driving record
  • Must have Proficient English verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to speak and listen Korean is preferable (not necessary)
  • Strong persuasive selling and negotiation skills
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