지역 : Calgary

지역 내 위치 : SE

상세주소 : 비공개

근무방식 : Fulltime

급료 : 시급 협의결정

팁 여부 : 없음

연락처 : sam.jung@flairpackaging.com


Technical Operation Coordinator  (Flair Flexible Packaging Co.)

Job Category : Corporate Technical Group

Job type : Full Time

Location : Alberta Calgary, AB T2C2C1, CAN

Flair Flexible Packaging is a growing manufacturer of innovative multi-layer flexible packaging solutions. We service customers throughout the world from our operations in Canada, United States, Korea and Mexico. We currently have an exciting opportunity for the right candidate to join our team.

Job Summary

The position of Coordinator/Technical Operation is always to listen to all customer concerns and to provide timely support to meet customer needs. In addition, he/she analyze the various statistical data related to the head to perform effective preventive quality control, establish appropriate effective communication channels for customers and suppliers, and achieve customer satisfaction goals.

Job Duties:

1.                   Coordinates the investigation of customer related issues by determining the root cause and

works with affected teams to continuously improve the quality of Flair customer’s products.

2.                   Notify a customer of a test request and analysis of the product that is suspected to be of quality non-conformities.

3.                   Assists the Manager to re-interpret the CA/PA submitted at the supplier's plants from the

customer's point of view and provide the customer with the appropriate and reliable information.

4.                   Analyze non-conformance data related to customer and identify trends and provide them to MFG Group and plants.

5.                   Follow-up the verification of effectiveness for CA/PA

6.                   Performs other duties as may be assigned by the manager.

Required Training, Experience and Licenses

1.                   Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in quality, engineering, business or other related field preferred.

2.                   1-3 years prior QC experience in a food and/or packaging industry is preferred.

3.                   Ability to perform quality testing with quality related instruments (Micrometer Gauges, ruler, visual inspection (using die line and specification).

4.                   Prior experience working in a Total Quality Management (TQM) system desired.

5.                   Prior experience working within an ERP software system desired.

6.                   Understanding basic film structures and flexible food packaging industry is desired.

7.                   Must be able to speak, read, write and understand the Korean and English language at a level adequate to perform job functions.

Contact Info.

1.              sam.jung@flairpackaging.com


PS : 이공계를 전공하신 한인 여러분들의 많은 지원 바랍니다!   감사합니다.

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