[Calgary]Packaging and Containers Manufacturing|Marketing Coordinator|근무방식Fulltime|시급협의결정|팁없음|방향SE|

지역 : Calgary

지역 내 위치 : SE

상세주소 : 4100 - 72 AVE SE Calgary

근무방식 : Fulltime

급료 : 시급 협의결정

팁 여부 : 없음

연락처 : arnold.byun@flairpackaging.com


Essential Duties

The following duties are an overview of the primary duties and responsibilities of the
Marketing Coordinator and should not be considered an all-inclusive list:

  1. Manages to the marketing strategy and tasks associated with plans supporting
    the marketing strategy at outlined on the marketing roadmap.
  2. Helps to coordinate ongoing marketing activities between outsourced resources
    and Flair management to the marketing roadmap.
  3. Assists with updates to SharePoint, sales tool box and internal communication
    supporting marketing and sales efforts.
  4. Assists with gathering information for basic requests for proposals or bids as directed.
  5. Assists with coordination of company newsletters and email communication.
  6. Assists with maintaining Marketing SharePoint page with up-to-date information
    important to sales or other teams.
  7. Interacts professionally and clearly communicates with colleagues in other
    departments while developing and maintaining positive working relationships with others.
  8. Assists with updating and maintaining all Company brochures for content,
    new product introductions, and branding as needed.
  9. Assists with reviewing internal and external documents for content, grammar,
    and formatting.
  10. Actively supports marketing activities in the stage and gate process.
  11. Develops and Maintains Flair’s social media presence on LinkedIn, Flair Website, blogs,
    Press Releases as needed.
  12. Produce regular web traffic, social media and SEM reports and monitor ROI / KPIs.
  13. Assists with sales presentations, including providing sales numbers and reporting.
  14. Helps to update metric dashboards and suggest changes that support meeting marketing
    goals and numbers.
  15. Assists with inside sales marketing campaigns as needed.
  16. Conducts internal and external marketing surveys as needed.

Safety Responsibilities

All Flair employees are required to be an active safety participant at Flair by:

  1. Attending required safety training sessions.
  2. Reporting any accidents, near misses and safety concerns to a designated
    safety team leader, in a timely manner.
  3. Following the Company’s work safety rules and procedures.

Food Safety Responsibilities

  1. Employees shall maintain a good understanding of Flair’s food safety policies, GMP
    regulatory requirements and HACCP principles reflecting industry best practices,
    FSSC 22000 certification scheme, and relevant CTPAT minimum security criteria.
  2. Employees shall report food safety non-conformities to the responsible person(s).
    Responsible personnel shall have defined responsibility and authority to initiate
    and record actions.


Required Training, Experience, Licenses and Certifications

In addition to performing satisfactorily all of the duties and responsibilities of the position,
an individual in this position must possess and maintain the following knowledge, skills,
qualifications and/or abilities:

  1. Bachelor's degree in Marketing/ Advertising or similar and 1-3 years of related
    work experience.
  2. Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office programs, particularly MS Word, Excel,
    and PowerPoint.
  3. Basic competency in Adobe Creative Suite.
  4. Prior experience in Digital and Web Marketing tools preferred.
  5. Fully bilingual in Korean and English is preferred.
  6. Must be able to speak, read, write and understand the English language at a level
    adequate to perform job functions.

Working Environment/Physical Requirements:

  • The duties of this position generally involve sedentary office work.
  • Moderate physical activity is required;
  • Ability to lift up-to 25lbs on occasion;
  • Ability to stand, walk, stoop/bend, lift, and frequent repetitive motion and use of
    hands to finger, grasp, handle, or feel objects, tools, or controls, and normal vision acuity.
  • Ability to understand and follow oral and written directions promptly and accurately.
  • Work hours will vary depending upon the needs of the Company’s customers at
    any given time and will involve working long or non-traditional hours to fulfill Company
    and/or customer’ needs, projects or special circumstances.
  • This position has frequent exposure to periods of high activity, interruptions and high
    stress under demanding and occasionally adversarial conditions.
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